What am I doing?

I’m making workshops – offering them to creative practitioners across the arts. I’m exploring resonance and interference – could this be diffraction? Interference patterns of light modulated by objects in motion or resonating with one and other. Diffraction is that point at which the disturbances are visible / audible – do they offer a new potentiality to the signal? A new path within the uncontrollable. The workshop as a practice provides the platform within which the materials (objects, things) interact – placed there through human actions the nonhuman actively participates in the emergence of new … A becoming of sound from material (both human and nonhuman). Are these materials? Or are they things? Or are they objects? What territories exist to define such differences? Resonant territories of assembled machines. What are the territories at play in this interaction between human + human + object? From the workings of a tiny vibration motor, the switching silicon within a transistor and the tension within an elastic band is assembled another object – a new machine. Working up from that position to the mixer and the loudspeaker and the assembled machine next to me on the table and then up again to the human attempting control at this machine – object to object to object – a workshop as a hyperobject of assembled machines. The hyperobject resonates at the micro and the macro, between nonhuman and human and the emerging noise is shaped, sculpted by silicon, metal, rubber, flesh, wood etc. The interferences at play within this assemblage are evidence of diffraction of signals.

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