Workshop Functions

How does the workshop function? A space is offered to a group of artists over a set time. The workshop is led with an initial call for participants. The call can include details of what the workshop aims are and these can range from very fixed, focused aims that perhaps look to develop a specific tool – often designed around a specific ‘kit’ where everyone will make the same thing and then there may be some time with which to play and explore this finished build. A more difficult field of workshop to navigate is where the starting point is much more open – no specific goal in terms of “we will now all make this…”. To begin by stating the workshop is an exploration of noise and interference is more enabling for the group to produce forms of new knowledge. This workshop process is more interesting to pursue but is more difficult to prepare for – simply thinking about materials for the workshop is tricky to foresee the range of what will be required by the group. Some of this can be navigated within the call itself where you aim for specific people and request statements of interest from interested participants – however, this again begins to close off the open workshop originally desired.

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