The Open Work(shop)

The open work(shop) – attempting to free access to making through shared processes. As Umberto Eco wrote about the freeing of text or Cage about the freeing of sound, can the workshop be open enough to allow for any potential outcome, mirroring the potential for free movement of noise and signal to encourage any potential sound / light output? The participants bring particular territories of knowledge and experience to the platform which all have their limits. The potential for new knowledge comes from the interaction (in)between the participants – the resonating space of information and skills of human ability at the table. This is not doing it alone (D.I.Y) but much more part of the emerging practice of D.I.T or D.I.W.O (do it together or do it with others) that encourages the acknowledgment of shared knowledge and skills particular to experimental arts practice. Through D.I.W.O practices we can attempt to remove (or at least reduce) the impact of hierarchy within the workshop group. However, it does seem to presume a hierarchical order between human and nonhuman actors in the workshop network – perhaps it is better to think of D.I.W.O.O (doing it with other objects) to include the objects, things, materials in use in the workshop as having an equal influence upon the development of any work.

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