— Tim Ingold is entering my mind whilst reading The Fold by Deleuze. Mentions of lines and blobs – this is happening within the research project RADIX too. Felt pleased to notice Deleuze was getting into epigenetics during Pleats of Matter – never yet found a place for that in my writing / practice. The folding of signal and vibration into every ‘living’ part of the sounding machine – follow each vibration down through all the parts that make it – the seeds for that vibration exist in everything. Follow the wire attached to the motor – the seeds of vibration are existing within each strand of copper wire encased in plastic. Can’t quite get into what Deleuze mentions about the soul.

On plastic forces: ‘A mechanism is faulty not for being too artificial to account for living matter, but for not being mechanical enough, for not being adequately machined. Our mechanisms are in fact organized into parts that are not in themselves machines, while the organism is infinitely machined, a machine whose every part or piece is a machine, but only “transformed by different folds that is receives.”’ [Deleuze, The fold p.8]

Love this discourse around noise from Yan Jun in describing how we form music and there is leftover sound: ‘However, it is not this ‘rest’ that produces noise, but the excess. The definition of zao, ‘noise’, in classical Chinese is as an excess of sound.’–


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