Thinking about making brings to mind the writing of Ian Bogost, another OOO, and the concept of Carpentry or ‘Special Carpentry’ according to Graham Harman. Understanding how things make their world, a philosophical mode of practice and learning through doing about, not only how things work or why but how those things make their world. After speaking with Sonic artist Morten Riis at a recent ~hotwire~ conference centred around the concept of ‘t(h)inkering’ I realised carpentry would be a useful approach to certain practice based workshops that are not aiming to make one specific tool or kit but rather exploring the field of potential around the making practice. Largely discussed within the practice of gaming and code by Bogost it would also naturally fit with the world of physical objects. Learning about that object not through reading the schematic or data sheet but through making. This thought has brought in the concept of ‘t(h)inkering’ used to describe the work of (a favourite artist of mine) Paul Demarinis by ….? Need to find the name! This feels close to carpentry but perhaps more playful and messy. How to do carpentry with vibration in sound and light? Workshop the making of piezo crystal and light responsive materials – very messy, chemicals required but could be a way (or path) to expressing how the thing makes it world?.?

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