The Fold

After spending a day in Baroque Cathedrals in Berlin with images of Leibniz I return to my desk to discover ‘The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque’ by Deleuze. Some things just seem to occur that way… Slightly stunned by the opening page in ‘Pleats of Matter’ where Deleuze mentions the cryptographer as someone who is needed to peer into the folds – need to explore this within steganography. Through creating messages that transmit via steganographic means am I folding these sounds, texts, images into the digital noise that enables hidden transmission? To utilise steganography in digital code a user can simply manipulate the Least Significant Bit (LSB) of the binary string for example the final ‘1’ in this 8-bit string 10011101 could be changed to ‘0’ and the original thing, let’s say digital photo, would not appear to change. The photo of the dog will still look like a dog – the user has simply manipulated the noise in the image. If this is done across the entire file then it is possible to hide another picture, of a cat, inside the picture of the dog, or a sound file – video gets big and complicated but still possible. Are there folds in the 8-bit string? Are there other folds in the physical objects and devices at use in my practice?

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