Workshops… how do we move away from the clinical and repetitive working methods of Fordist production lines? By clearly messing with order, how can we still learn and teach via workshops? How do we move away from the master of the workshop? Is it useful to move away from this position? Auctoritas – the Latin word for someone who inspires fear and awe and, therefore, submission. The original workshop owner (Medieval) would command this position – one of authority in order to control the workshop space and the workers within. A position of hierarchy, an established structure. How can we move to a workshop space of noise and chaos? Introduce a heterarchichal structure, flatten the approach to new knowledge. Hannah Arendt introduces the concept of natality as a point where acting together can produce the unexpected. Is there still a sense of community around workshops and participants as we shape the ground in which the work takes place to develop more noisy approaches and attempt to become more heterarchical? What are the political implications of the modern, noisy, chaotic workshop? Are there roots within the open source community? How is the knowledge disseminated? How is the knowledge archived / is it important to archive this knowledge? Is there a power in the ephemeral workshop (pop-up) that leaves no trace? Ephemeral / Ethereal Workshops.

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