Collaboration – D.I.W.O?

D.I.Y, D.I.W.O, D.I.T – essential methodologies for considering when developing the workshops. How does D.I.W.O share space with collaboration? Is doing something with a group of others a collaboration or is it something else? With a focus on the importance of objects and materials what is the limit of ‘others’? When we engage with objects at a level of vibrancy then they are equally, if not more, as important to the mix of skills, ideas, techniques. The objects are as much part of the noise in the workshop than the ‘other’ participants. They disturb and create ruptures in the flow of knowledge by offering certain usage and challenge the users to re-think their use. These ruptures are developed through necessity of knowing how they should work – levels of knowledge are required in order to power a DC motor and we can learn about that object once we can use it. The error of attaching a power source the wrong way around delivers new knowledge about the way a DC motor functions. This can then be applied to further workshops but the initial error emerges through noise in the workshop. Are we then in collaboration with a DC motor, a battery, some wire and other workshop participants?

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