Workshop Flows

Territorial, deterritorialisation, reterritorialisation, striated space, displacement, planes… Deleuze and Guattari and workshop spaces. The movement of information across the workshop, the chaos, the organisation, the flows, the resonance, the dissonance. How are territories defined in workshops? How is knowledge territorialized within objects, materials and humans? What are the carriers of information across a workshop? Guattari’s Schizoanalytic Cartographies and D&G’s The Refrain. Influenced by Guattari’s diagrams, it would be interesting to draw out the flows of information across a workshop – the directions, the loops, the levels / layers, the nodes – the structure of a workshop. Specific to a workshop of noise where it is likely to involve less linear flows towards a final, realised product. The point of interest / knowledge would be embedded, knotted in the tangled structure with possible connections to all other areas of the workshop – rhizome-esque connections. Just as noise is nomadic across the tools of performance within the workshop – knowledge is too spread across the workshop at its own speed, creating its own paths and dealing with interferences throughout. Time to explore the space of the workshop – as striated or smooth – the plateau. Back to the original aims at the start of the research investigating the topology of workshop flows.

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