Collective Agency

The workshop is an assemblage of different carriers of information and knowledge. If the ‘master’ of the workshop is removed from the hierarchy of the workshop, how do we access the starting point or identify the aims of the workshop? Can noise be an effective method to expose an area to follow in a workshop? The clash of information from each carrier in the workshop links or rejects or folds into each other to develop points of interest – peak areas where knowledge is enhanced and increased from the multiple inputs or troughs of knowledge where there are gaps, spaces of lack of knowledge. This is built from the participants and the materials in the workshop and forms a collective agency in the workshop. This would not exist without the combination of people, objects and information and through that, a workshop is then a great method for moving through areas of difficulty in learning and helping to find point of collective interest. Through Bennett’s Vibrant Materialism and Harman’s OOO we are aware of the agency in things but this is not just then between things. Things have agency with humans and vice versa – a collective agency realising the potential in all information carriers within the workshop space.

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