Transmission+Interference: DUST

‘APEIRON […] a shapeless, formless, limitless mass from which everything more specific emerges’ (Harman, G. 2018)

Some thoughts from transmission+interference: dust workshop at ISEA2019 Gwangju, South Korea… Thanks to Eric Patten, Nicky Assmann, Josh Gumiela, Andrew Brown, Pa Yeon Yang, Sagar Patel.

Sprinkling of dust: shake and distribute with vibration

Fans to shape, move, blow dust particles. Blow dust up and leave to fall back down with gravity. Fine, light particles that float in air.

Time: the gradual build up of dust over long periods of time. Where does it collect? How could we experience this?

Dust – moisture – dirt: particles slowly descending, floating in liquid.

Space dust / smart dust…

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