New transmitter circuit

Testing out a different LED transmitter circuit that is working well. Next test with laser for working with dust. 
This circuit is made of much more readily available parts (resistors, capacitors) rather than audio transformers. It sounds a little noisier / rougher but still very clear sound transmitted. Will continue to swap out components to get best signal and then post circuit.



Just got hold of Dust by Michael Madder from the great Object Lessons series. Should be very useful when I start making and playing and collecting dust.

Dirt is designed. It is uniquely composed, site specific, and innately intelligent. … Dirt is a design tool. Collecting and composing dirty matter is a fruitful foundation for the creation of spaces, artifacts, and atmospheres.

[Bjorn, Furjan and Jencks in Bed Rossiter, Dirt Research]

Beginning with dust and light.

Remembering Felix Hess circuits and cracklers. 

Dirt Research

Dirt is the stuff that makes a system jump.

[Born, Furjan, Jencks 2012 in Ned Rossiter, Dirt Research]

Reading and Repetition

Larval Subjects .

A central claim of Deleuze’sDifference and Repetition is that we only ever create something new through repetition. Here, then, we might encounter a fundamental difference between Badiou and Deleuze (or is it a proximity between the two?). For Badiou the new is created as a result of a truth-procedure that is evoked through fidelity to an event. Wedon’t, in fact, have toawait events as people sometimes suggest of Badiou; for there are plenty of events that have already occurred throughout history. It is not the event that produces newness in Badiou’s universe, but rather fidelity to that event and the transformation of a situation or world in terms of what is uncounted by the encyclopedia of that situation. One can continue to pay fidelity to the Paris Commune or May of 68 (if the latter was an event) today, unfolding its consequences in the present.


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Sometimes light vibrates color in the pleats and crannies of matter, sometimes light vibrates in the folds of an immaterial space.

[Gilles Deleuze, The Fold, p 36]

Diana Coole

It is therefore corporeality that is privileged as naturans in this account, inasmuch as it is here that productive difference and agentic capacity emerge through being-in-the-world.

[Diana Coole, The Inertia of Matter in New Materialisms, p 102]

Reza Negarestani

Each particle of dust carries with it a unique vision of matter, movement, collectivity, interaction, affect, differentiation, composition, and infinite darkness.

[Reza Negarestani, Cyclonopedia, p 88]

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