Elastic Band Drone

The elastic band drone machine is being rethought and programmed for new output. A development of an assemblage – new emergence! Vibration still lies at the core of the instrument that now seeks explores interference of waves across FM and electromagnetic spectrums. The instrument demands or desires new potential due to its extremely simple setup of parts. It is simple to remove or add elements to such a basic assemblage. Coiled wire brings in new vibrations of electromagnetic pick ups and (mini)fm broadcast (narrowcasting). The physical vibration of coiled wire with a tiny 3v vibration motor introduces new timbres into the field of amplified sound, alongside the rubber bands. These coils, by their very nature, explore the electromagnetic spectrum – basic magnetism. A physical vibration in the circuit is now heard through vibrations of molecules of radio waves on a short FM broadcast. Next to explore is the addition of capacitance to the circuit – understand proximity of hands in the physical playing of instrument. This can be done by adapting the ‘hyperpot’ along with the arduino code to work with the nails. Also, still to explore the development of home made solar panels – this could be interesting to explore alongside homemade piezo crystal.

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