Discussing ink this morning in Berlin whilst drinking coffee overlooking the River Spree in the largest studio complex built in the world – this place looks amazing for a sonic environment. Ink and calligraphy and vitality. There are two types of ink – one that attaches itself to the surface of paper and can thus be removed through scraping and another, more interesting from a vibrant / vital materialism point of view, that absorbs into the paper by breaking down the physical material of the paper to embed itself – no, not embed, it entangles with the molecular structure of the paper. Entanglement, complexity and emergence. The ink forces a new territory to emerge – it is defined through disruption, rupture and interference. A fluid body actively ‘using’ the physical properties of the paper to create a new space, a new combination of materiality. How does this occur with sound? Particles of sound waves oscillate (why hasn’t this word been in use until now?) in particular patterns to entangle in space – we build materials that encourage this entanglement further at the level of specific frequencies (‘soaking up’ low frequencies for example) for the purposes of acoustic treatment. Sound can be ‘absorbed’, ‘soaked up’ like ink on a page.

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