Birth of Physics

Finally got around to looking at a copy of Michel Serres ‘The Birth of Physics’ and already see some beautiful material about objects, flows, magnetism, rhythm, paths and turbulence. Plenty to explore but ‘turbulence’ has not appeared before in these notes and neither has ‘rupture’ although ruptures have been discussed in workshops. Need to really get to grips with flows and paths – feel it can be too simple to link such research to the practice but perhaps because it is a really good fit. Discourse around paths has, in the past, explored the field of wandering – especially in the RADIX project – and this has led me to interesting writing on the topic of ‘Mad Travelling’ by Ian Hacking – not ready for this yet but this does excite me. Reading Serres in the past has always been quite a ride but I’ve always been concerned at the level of science in the research and that is not something I want to get tripped up with later in the research but ‘Parasite’, ‘Genesis’ and now ‘Birth of Physics’ do seem to offer some interesting views into the research – through a diffracted lens perhaps! Having thoughts about the presentation for PEP research group – would like for the presentation to have ‘liveness’ about it – a vitality within the slides / content. Thinking about coding this as a ‘live’ presentation with the end being a short performance of objects.


[rhythm is]… everywhere where there is interaction between a place, a time and an expenditure of energy.

[Henri Lefebvre, Rythmanalysis, 15]

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