Springs and Coils

Springs and coils. The alteration from a single line of material with turns and twists and repetitions of those enables that material to now enter the electromagnetic sphere. A coil of wire now becomes an antenna for mini fm broadcast – to send signal over a small area to a receiver. A coil of wire becomes a pick-up of electromagnetic signals enabling the building of particular ‘sniffing’ devices – listen to your mobile phone or laptops internal processors working. Continue reading “Springs and Coils”


Returning to Barad and Merleau-Ponty quotes above […we are of the world…] […plunge into the world…] – we plunge into our objects and things in our workshops. We plunge into our field of knowledge that is firstly our experience then expanded or exploded into others of the workshop group. This is making, doing, breaking, hacking – hacking has not appeared until now but was once the core of the project. Moving away from the negative connotations that have arisen more recently (News of the World, The Sun etc) towards a potential that hacking offers – there’s that word again ‘potential’. What are the entire world of possibilities from one object? They certainly do not begin and end with what may be its manufactured intentions. Don’t use a DC motor to spin or turn some gears but instead listen to the motor – change our view of this thing so this can become just as much a sonic object as a physical actuator. A motor is usually dampened or added to with capacitors to ‘remove’ the sound of the physical operations but they still exist. These sonic explorations are based on vibrations (a part of resonance) – some are physical and we can pick these up using contact microphones (structures of piezo crystal that output signal when physically manipulated) as well as electromagnetic coils turning any seemingly silent operator into a field of noise, intensity, frequency. Try running some operations on a laptop with a magnetic coil sitting on the keyboard – each process has its own rhythm, frequency and intensity. Set it free!

Feedback Cycles

Feedback cycles – sound through material. Using transducers in place of standard loudspeakers enables the user to investigate the acoustic properties of a material or object – a transducer physically vibrates a surface or thing in order to produce sound. Recent tests (by me) have explored the use of a surface transducer in conjunction with the elastic band drone machine. The elastic band drone machine was the resulting instrument built during a ‘transmission+interference’ workshop in Athens where laser light or LED light is shone across a short space towards the surface of a solar cell. In-between the light source and the solar cell is suspended an elastic band on some nails banged into a board of wood. The elastic band is set into motion with a tiny vibration motor and as this band vibrates we hear the low frequency drone of light diffraction across the surface of the solar cell. By then playing the sound back using a transducer attached to the wooden board we are then able to explore resonant feedback in the system – the elastic band vibrates at a particular frequency -> this vibrates the wood -> this travel through all the materials including the elastic band. Further resonance / feedback can be explored with the use of a sound modulated LED as the light source across the elastic band. Need to explore more of Cybernetics – systems feedback. Read Andrew Pickering.

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