The in-between

The in-between carries the potential for interference, diffraction, manipulation. This ‘space’ is a part of the assembled machine as an absence of object or material but the space is a thing where things change. The space in-between offers movement, speed, direction, flow, resistance, resonance, exchange, transmission, reception – a nomadic existence of noise and signal where we are free to release control and allow or enable movement at what Deleuze and Guattari describe as ‘absolute speed’. Rather than chaotic movement (although chaos is certainly a useful concept through which to investigate noise) the in-between offers activites of attraction and repulsion – resonance or dissonance. Is it the key ‘component’ that assembles the assemblage? The very nature of assemblages results in in-betweenness as the very space for connectivity between object, power, signal and noise and, again to take from Deleuze and Guattari, this is where the network takes on the rhizome-like complexity. The potential for any connections at once to any thing in the in-between removes any hierarchical structure – in fact the desire for noise (sonic and signal) is a method for opening up these potentially multiple connections. Objects relating to objects relating to sound relating to light assembled in such a way because of their specific qualities but also because of what emerges in-between.

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