Encountering Noise

Noise is encountered across all interactions of signal and object. There is potential within that noise for creativity to emerge. Noise can be the final output from a system in regards to a sonic arts performance or an installation and challenges preconceived ideas about what sound or music can be. Noise pushes at the very limits of what we culturally understand as music. But noise is in the system of sound generation – flowing between the materials and objects and humans where perhaps a desire for clean, uninterrupted transmission is in the mind of the maker. This clean signal does not exist and noise impacts upon the entire system from the power of a motor to the glow of an LED to the cognitive processing by the workshop participant or performer. Developing a methodology with which to encounter noise and attempt to control it, encourage it and free it from its limited negative territories in everyday culture enables us to confront a powerful and exciting force of creativity. Playing in the space between signal and receiver – is this a point of diffraction? Forcing materials or objects into certain resonance that modulates the signal transmission to generate new, unknown outputs.

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