Springs and Coils

Springs and coils. The alteration from a single line of material with turns and twists and repetitions of those enables that material to now enter the electromagnetic sphere. A coil of wire now becomes an antenna for mini fm broadcast – to send signal over a small area to a receiver. A coil of wire becomes a pick-up of electromagnetic signals enabling the building of particular ‘sniffing’ devices – listen to your mobile phone or laptops internal processors working. This turning and twisting of a single line of material suddenly makes audible a field of sound when it is assembled with other parts to amplify the signal. Springs and coils of wire respond to physical vibration in an expressive way too. The use of springs with sound to create special effects has been well documented and built into various high end audio devices – rack mounted reverb units in studios. Attaching a coiled spring to a speaker cone at one end and a contact microphone at the other can create some interesting spacial audio effects – spring reverb. The next stage of building will explore these ideas with transduction of sound across a board of wood – developing the elastic band drone into a much more vibrant field of sound, interference and noise.

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